AFS can assist both potential franchisees and those who currently own a franchise business.

Potential Franchisees

There are a number of things to consider prior to entering into a franchise agreement.  Most important is to determine if franchising is right for you and to determine which type of franchise best suits your desires.  AFS can provide various free checklists to help you with this. Click here to request your free checklist. 

Our range of services for potential franchisees include:

  • General franchising advice and education
  • Guidance with specific franchise enquiries
  • Identifying the right franchise for you
  • Business planning advice
  • Document review
  • Sourcing suitable finance lenders
  • Referral to suitably qualified franchise lawyers

Existing Franchisees

Franchisors will generally provide their franchisees with the assistance they require in relation to the operation of their franchise.  Sometimes however an independent third party is useful in advising franchisees in relation to various aspects of their business. such as:

  • Dispute resolution advice
  • Business planning
  • Assign/selling a franchise
  • Legal rights and obligations

AFS has a free advice service to assist franchisees with any franchising issue they may have.  Click here to ask us your franchise related question.

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